Emotional testimony by defense witness in Zimmerman trial as 911 voice attempted to be identified (VIDEO)

In an emotional trial day, George Zimmerman’s defense brought up John Donnelly, a close friend of the defendant, to help identify the voice on a 911 audio recording of a call from the night of the shooting.

“There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that it’s George Zimmerman,” Donnelly said. “I wish to God I did not have that ability to understand that.”

Donnelly who was a combat medic in the Vietnam War is familiar with such screams. He explained, “When you’re in a combat acquisition like that, in the din of battle, for some reason, you develop — I’m not sure what you would call it — an ability,” Donnelly said. “When you hear that, you can distinguish the screams for help, distinguish the screams for a medic … invariably, because you know the men you’re with, you know the men that you eat and sleep with, you know who it’s going to be before you get there.”

The identification of the screaming voice is a center piece to the Zimmerman defense.

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