Video of Officer Violating Civil Rights at DUI Checkpoint Goes Viral (VIDEO)

A video posted to YouTube, ironically on Independence Day, which shows a blatant violation of Constitutional rights during a DUI checkpoint has gone viral. In just a few days, the video has had over 3 million hits and over 45,000 pulse-pounding comments.

The video takes an uneasy turn when the driver who recorded the ordeal politely declined to open his window any further than it needed to be. The officer did not respond to that challenge of authority well and proceeded to illegally detain and search the man’s vehicle.

Be sure to watch the entire video, as the officer plainly states that his actions are wrong, right before a second officer discovers that they’re on video.

Uh oh… is that a camera!? (Photo credit: YouTube)

Uh oh… is that a camera!?

[ABC 6]

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