Gatling Laser Gun! (VIDEO)

“Patrick Priebe, the German laser weapons hobbyist who previously brought us such creations as the Iron Man Gauntlet and the Plasma Cutter, has gone and made something else. This time around, he’s built a proof-of-concept Laser Gatling Gun.

“The aluminum-bodied gun’s spinning turret features six blue 1.4-watt Class 4 lasers, supplied by Wicked Lasers. While these won’t stop a marauding robot, they will at least pop a balloon … as long as the turret isn’t turning too fast. A 100-mW green laser is mounted to one side, to assist in aiming.

“The turret speed can be controlled using a knob on the underside of the gun, while four ball bearings keep that turret spinning relatively smoothly. The motor and aiming laser are powered by eight AA batteries, and the six blue lasers run off four parallel 18650 lithium-ions.”

You know what the best part of the Gatling Laser Gun is? It has a laser sight. Damn skippy.


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