'Hottest Wife in Baseball' Anna Benson arrested with Gun, Bulletproof vest and Riot Baton (15 Photos + 9-1-1 Audio)

Anna Benson

Anna Benson

Anna and Kris Benson during happier times.

Anna and Kris Benson during happier times.

You may know Anna Benson as “baseball’s hottest housewife”, but after the model and reality TV star showed up at her estranged husbands house unannounced with a handgun, riot baton and bulletproof vest, she may have also snagged the coveted title of “baseball’s battiest” (hahaha… baseball humor).

Ms. Benson, who was married to Kris Benson of Pittsburgh Pirates, New York Mets and Baltimore Orioles fame, allegedly broke into her retired husband’s Atlanta, Georgia home Sunday night, demanding money.  According to police, Anna entered the home brandishing the baton but soon pulled out a handgun, threatening violence.  Kris Benson was able to contact law enforcement after he convinced his erratic ex-wife that he was leaving to obtain the money she demanded. Police arrested Anna Benson and charged her with trespassing, assault and weapons possession.  If convicted, Benson could potentially face up to 20-years in jail under Georgia law.


Here is the audio of the 9-1-1 call:

Kris Benson last fielded for the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2010 and filed for divorce from Anna in 2012.  She has starred in the reality show “Baseball Wives” since 2011.  The couple has three children and it’s for their sake that Guns.com hopes these two public figures pull it together before another “wild pitch” ends up causing some real damage. If you take a look back at this tumultuous couples’ history (the ex-stripper once promised publicly “to sleep with the “entire New York Mets team” if her husband ever cheated on her) the whiff of gun violence may have never been that far off, so here’s hoping local authorities do their job keeping firearms out of mentally unhinged hands.

Cast of 'Baseball Wives'.

Cast of ‘Baseball Wives’.










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