Sheriff Pleads With Public Not to Riot Following Zimmerman Verdict with Cheesy PSA (VIDEO)

Who needs an AR-15 to protect themselves from an angry, violent and destructive mob when your local sheriff’s office has a cheesy Public Service Announcement to inform criminals that such behavior is wrong instead?

That’s right. In anticipation of riots following the Zimmerman verdict, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office has prepared in a big way: By putting together a “powerful” Public Service Announcement urging the public not to riot.

And for those who may find themselves in less than desirable situations anyway, just remember “law enforcement does have your back.” With all due respect, I don’t think the public has much faith in law enforcement these days, but hopefully, maybe this time around they’ll be a little more helpful to the residents of Florida than they were with the Korean-American population of Southern California.

[Broward County Sheriff’s Office]

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