Nugent rags on gov't, welfare, tells Americans to get involved and ‘Get a f#cking job!’ (VIDEO)

Salt TV Network 1 recently released an uncut 2011 interview with Ted “just the goofy guitar player” Nugent to discuss a few hot topics. Things the Nuge touched on were, of course, hunting, corrupt government, the NRA, Nancy Pelosi, Obama “and his czars,” the Second Amendment and the absurdity of weapons permits.

“Do you need a government permit to choose your religion? Do you need a government document on your person to voice your beliefs? There is no other God given constitutionally guaranteed individual right, except the Second Amendment, that you need a government issued permit to live. This is insanity,” he declares.

Nugent urges Americans to get up, “get involved with the politics” and become productive members of society. “We work so hard to be an asset to each other, to our neighborhoods, to our state and to our nation,” he says of him and his family.

He then deplores Americans’ misuse of welfare. “If I can be this active, then anybody with an excuse can kiss my ass. You are a feeble, lazy whiner,” he said.

He explains that “serious hardship cases are always taken care of by family, neighbors and charities,” and that anything the government becomes involved in becomes tainted.

“I clean toilets, I shovel dog shit. There’s nothing my family and I won’t do. If it needs to be done, we do it. America’s turned into a bunch of crybabies,” he said in closing.

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