Army Vet Saves Man After His Electric Wheelchair Plunges Onto Subway Tracks in DC (VIDEO)

Terrifying moments were caught on surveillance video in a Washington D.C. subway on the 4th of July when a man’s electric wheelchair lost control and plunged onto the subway tracks.

Army Spc. Michael Menchaca was just coming down the escalator when he saw the object fall, but it wasn’t until he was next to the tracks that he realized it was a man pinned beneath the wheelchair. Menchaca immediately jumped below to help the man and fortunately two other good Samaritans came to help him lift the wheelchair away from the man.

“Every second felt like 30 seconds, you know with that kind of thing,” Menchaca said.

He is now being considered for the Soldier’s Medal, the Army’s highest peacetime award. But when asked if he thought it was a heroic thing to do, he replied, “No, not really. I was just doing the right thing, like anyone else would have done.”


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