Nancy Grace cuts guest’s mic to continue argument without him; Shows her ignorance about CCW (VIDEO)

Earlier this week, Nancy Grace shared her vast knowledge of the Keltec PF9 on national TV, ordering her guest to “don’t try to get one over on me.” She argued about the fact that the handgun, the model George Zimmerman was carrying when he shot Trayvon Martin, has an external safety, when in fact it does not.

She decided to go two for two this week and show her back side again when her guest, Frank Taaffe, who is friends with Zimmerman, returned for more.

This time Taaffe argued that Zimmerman had a legal right to carry the handgun and that he was not “just sauntering about with a gun looking to gun down a young black male.” Grace deplored the idea, stating, “Jeffrey Dahmer had a legal right to have knives and a boiling pot! That doesn’t mean it’s okay!”

Then Grace decided to have her guest’s mic cut off so that she could continue the argument without him. Enjoy!


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