Woman Tells Gunman He Doesn’t Have the Balls to Shoot Her (VIDEO)

In an incident that could have ended very differently, Anna Graham, wife of a famous Russian sculptor, came face to face with an armed criminal outside her posh New York apartment last week. But instead of cowering in fear, she told the gunman, “It’s not easy to shoot someone. You have to have balls to do that. And you have none.”

As his accomplice told him to “shoot, shoot, shoot” Graham remained calm and kept eye contact with the man. He didn’t shoot, but the two ran off after stealing $600 in cash and other items from a nearby car.

“I was standing basically outside of myself. I don’t know why I did what I did,” Graham explained.

“He should be very grateful to me that he didn’t shoot, because once he does that it changes his life 100 percent,” she said.

I’m not sure which would have been more ballsy: The gunman shooting her, or her, with a loaded gun to her face, telling him that he doesn’t have the balls to pull the trigger.

[NY Daily News]

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