Soul Singer Lester Chambers attacked by Woman after Dedicating Song to Trayvon Martin


Legendary R&B singer Lester Chambers was attacked by a crazed woman Saturday night during a musical festival in Hayward, California.

The attack came after Chambers dedicated Curtis Mayfield’s hit “People Get Ready” to Trayvon Martin following the announcement of George Zimmerman’s acquittal of all charges related to Martin’s death.

With a “crazed look in her eye” the woman jumped on stage, yelled “it’s all your fault” and attacked the 73-year-old soul singer.

The 43-year-old attacker, Dinalynn Andrews Potter of Barstow, was tackled and subdued by people at the festival until police arrived. She was arrested for suspicion of battery and released with formal charges expected to be filed.

Chamber’s family stated that they plan to file charges against Andrews Potter for what they believe was a hate crime.

Chambers was taken to a local hospital. The attack left him with a large bruise near his ribs and walking with a cane. He is now resting at home.



[Mercury News]

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