Philly Bar Owner Shoots Gun from Attacker's Hand (VIDEO)

“Philadelphia police say an attempted robbery backfired when the victim opened fire on the would-be thieves.

“Police say three men followed a bar owner home.

“When the armed men demanded cash, the bar owner pulled out his own gun and fired.

“The bullet injured one of the suspects and knocked the gun right out of his hand.

“The other two suspects fled the scene.

“The bar owner was not hurt.

“Police say the bar owner does have a permit to carry a gun.”

What have the Mythbusters taught us? That when a bullet strikes a held gun, it’s operator gets jacked up. No seriously, they did a whole episode about it, and the bullet that hits the gun splatters sending shrapnel everywhere.

It looks like the robber was packing a Ruger which is probably still fine and also explains why he suffered so much collateral damage.

Since there is no footage of the barkeep shooting his attacker’s weapon, I tried to find the episode, “Unarmed and Unharmed” where the Mythbusters shoot a gun out of a dummy’s hand to demonstrate how it can possibly seriously hurt a person, but I couldn’t find that either.

So here’s a Byron cutting down a tree with a minigun instead.

[WPVI-TV/ABC Action News via Guns Save Lives]

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