BB Gun Wielding Robber Stopped by Store Clerk with a Very Real Gun (VIDEO)

A convenience store clerk in Ambridge, Penn. kept his cool when an armed robber came in to the store. Perhaps that’s because the clerk knew that the robber was only carrying an airsoft gun and when the clerk reached under the counter for what the robber thought was some easy loot, he pulled out a gun of his own instead.

And the entire incident was caught on surveillance video too.

The two had some sort of exchange of words which probably went something to the effect of the would-be robber explaining why the clerk shouldn’t shoot him, which according to police, he would have had every right to.

After the verbal confrontation a scuffle ensued in which the would-be robber was repeatedly punch and kicked by the clerk, before the clerk kicked him – literally – out of the door and called the police.

Minutes later, the suspect was arrested.

KSLA News 12 Shreveport, Louisiana News Weather

[Washington Times]

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