Travis Smiley to Bill O’Reilly: ‘Arm every black person in America, and then let’s see what the NRA has to say’ (VIDEO)

PBS host Tavis Smiley joined Bill O’Reilly this week to discuss race, crime and the media.

Smiley reprimands the media for their extensive coverage of the Sandy Hook tragedy, while he claims that the shooting of Trayvon Martin did not get the same respect. He states that the empathy that was present in media and with Americans across the country after Sandy Hook was lacking with Trayvon Martin.

Smiley questions why the NRA doesn’t suggest “if Trayvon Martin had a gun, he might still be alive today,” then claims that there is contempt for black men in America today who are often viewed as a “menace to society.”

O’Reilly disagrees. “Look at the genocide in Chicago and it’s blacks killing blacks. Whites had nothing to do with it. I don’t believe that America has contempt for black men. I believe that a lot of the problem is generated by the blacks themselves who won’t solve the problems of their neighborhoods.”

Smiley still maintains that “black life does not have the same value as white life.”

Smiley insists that gun control is the answer, but O’Reilly points out that “the criminals always get the guns.”

Smiley then again suggests, “Arm every black person in America, and then let’s see what the NRA has to say.” Apparently not realizing that in high crime areas, such as Chicago, the average 14-year-old already is armed.


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