Drunken Off-Duty Cop Wearing Bullet Proof Vest Pulls Gun on Store Clerk for Fun, Loses Job (VIDEO)

Booze and guns just don’t ever mix… ever. But especially not if you’re a drunken off-duty cop wearing a bullet proof vest as a shirt at a gas station at 3:00 in the morning. That’s exactly what 23-year-old Kyle James McCartin did early Tuesday morning in Tucson.

McCartin’s friend urged the drunken cop to put the gun down, but he just doesn’t seem to want to listen – or know what’s best for him. Non-drunken, hardworking officers who responded to the incident reaffirmed that there was no reason for McCartin to pull out his gun. He made no demands of the clerk and readily paid for his purchase. Apparently it was just a matter of McCartin showing what a big man with a big gun he is.

McCartin has since been fired from his job as a police officer, which he had only held for about 10 months. Additionally, the ex-officer is now cellmates at the Pima County Adult Detention Center with the very folks he put there.

Deputy Jesus Banuelos of the Pima County Sheriff’s office stated, “We would hope people in the community will not take this incident and hold it against other officers and deputies who are out there working hard.”

Deputy Chief Sharon Allen added, “I think young people still have maturing to do. He’s 23 and sometimes added years allow you to be a more mature person.”

[Daily Mail]

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