'Police Mortality' 66 Minutes, 120 Movies, All Cop (VIDEO)

Every generation has a defining moment. This is ours. This is war. One hell of a war. Civil War.

This is where the law stops… and Police Mortality starts.

Anything is possible. Nothing is forbidden.

The end is just the beginning.

Welcome to a world without rules.

Just remember: when the theater goes dark … don’t call the cops.

Police Mortality is a partisan mashup of over 120 Hollywood popcorn films about, you guessed it, COPS! The result? One feature-length, schizophrenic supercut about police violence and breaking the news, Michael Bay’s penchant for property destruction and the filmic unconscious, among other things.

After a veteran detective commits suicide, it is up to the homicide squad to turn it into a murder … Then the uniforms start piling up. Strikes, occupations, and riots ensue, and society begins to crumble… finally! Can the force prevent itself from imploding? Will it be more Rambo than Dirty Harry? Is this movie actually a documentary?

“A Keystone Kops flick for the Christopher Dorner era… Like no cop movie — and every cop movie — you’ve ever seen.” — The New Inquiry

“The cop film to end all cop films — literally.” — Vice

And if you can follow this “schizophrenic” flick all the way through, you win an Internet.

[The Anti-Banality Union]

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