Rum Flintlock and Tequila Pistols!

rum flintlock

Avast ye landlubber! It’s not actually an antique pirate pistol. It’s a beautiful bottle of booze, and terrific gift at just under $50.

Inspired by piratical pistols from the 17th Century and filled with delicious Mocambo Dark Rum, the Rum Buccaneer Pistol is the perfect present for a pirate party, or if you’re up for a spot of swashbuckling.

Or if you’re more of a fan of the worm, check these out.

tequila pistol

tequila pistol (2)

tequila pistol (3)

tequila pistol (4)

Made south of the border, down Mexico way, the Tequila Guns are beautifully realised glass bottles, filled with high-quality tequila. You even get a pair of shot glasses and a display stand. Put your hands up … if you want one.

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