Security cameras record the moment when a high schooler shoots two classmates in the back (VIDEO)

A couple weeks back a close circuit camera in a Brazilian high school recorded the moment when a teenager drew a handgun and shot two fellow students.  Both students sustained injuries but not life threatening.  The shooter, Alexandre dos Santos, was an older student and was apparently the victim of ‘bullying’.  The weapon used was a .38 caliber the shooter obtained from his uncle who was unaware his nephew stole his firearm.

In the video you can see Santos waiting in the stairway for his first victim. As the student passes him on the stairs, he shoot him in the shoulder.  Confusion then takes hold as the students are unaware as to what has taken place.  Santos sits in the hallway in what looks to be somewhat of a deranged state – once the students realize he was the shooter they all flee causing Santos to follow them where he then drew his gun again shooting his second victim in the abdomen.

Santos was later arrested in home by local authorities.

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