Teludyne Tech Working on StraightJacket Barrels for AK, PSL, SKS and FAL

teludyne straightjacket psl

Teludy Tech is expanding their “StraightJacket” custom barrel treatment to AKs, PSLs, SKSes and FALs. The end result is a rifle with a level of accuracy an order of magnitude better than the military standards they’re built to, without compromising their function or reliability.

“PSL, AK-47/74, SKS, FN-FAL StraightJackets are coming,” said Teludyne in an announcement. “This is the PSL This modification will greatly increase your accuracy! Even with surplus ammo! And it will stop your zero from wandering around and regulate the heat that can overcomeyour weapon.

“All 4 versions will have a variation of the hand guard shown. Included in the price are the hand guard, Teludyne MRC Brake, Fully adjustable gas system, Cerakote Graphite Black and the StraightJacket Barrel System.

“With optics and very consistent ammo these rifles all become MOA qualified. Turn your very dependable rifle into a Super Accurate, dependable rifle!”

While many may be unfamiliar with Teludyne Tech, the company has been quietly working to make extremely accurate firearms by using technology that takes a completely new approach to barrel design.

The StraightJacket system is so named because Teludyne’s process — which uses a secret proprietary resin that’s guarded like the recipe for Coca Cola — wraps around a firearm’s existing barrel and bears down on it, eliminating flex and smoothing out barrel harmonics.

The end result is a composite barrel, with the original barrel at the core, the outer StraightJacket sleeve and the StraightJacket resin between the two.

The resin not only adds tremendous strength and rigidity to the barrel but it’s also extremely thermally conductive. After shooting a string of shots that would make most gun barrels dangerous to handle, ones equipped with a StraightJacket are cool to the touch externally, and only moderately warm at the chamber. This also means that because the temperature of the barrel is extremely stable, thermal expansion doesn’t come in to play when shifting a gun’s point of impact.

Because of the heat transfer properties we suspect the mystery media is carbon-based. Despite the added bulk surrounding the barrel, most StraightJackets add only about two ounces to the total weight of the gun.

Teludyne will soon be increasing the number of types of guns they accept to modify. Currently they only work on bolt-action guns, the occasional shotgun and of course, ARs.

For the black rifle crowd, Teludyne offers a couple of factory uppers that come pre-equipped with their StraightJacket system, a standard carbine and a pistol/SBR upper.

Their gunsmiths do have to modify the gas systems of some firearms to work with their barrel treatment. They claim their StraightJacket-compatible FAL gas block is even improved over the military rifle’s — a claim that takes some gaul to make. Still, they haven’t exaggerated about their StraightJacket’s accuracy benefits, we have little reason to believe otherwise here.

teludyne straightjacket fal

“The FN-FAL treated to the StraightJacket, recent version will have a Sampson, quad K-rail free float hand guard and improved (yes, improved!) gas system,” reads a recent Facebook post.

Teludyne has not announced the cost of these rifle upgrades but they’re not inexpensive. Still, they’re attainable at around $1,500 to $2,500. But the end result is a rifle that shoots dramatically better — many StraightJacket-equipped guns shoot MOA or sub-MOA, although it does depend on the original gun to some degree — and a gun that can be shot all day without getting hot.

If you don’t mind the aesthetics and want your gun’s accuracy and barrel life improved like you wouldn’t believe, head over to the Teludyne Tech website.

For up-to-date news about their products and notification for when they will start officially accepting orders for AKs, PSLs, SKSes and FALs keep an eye out on their Facebook page. It’s also a great source of customer testimonials, in case you had any doubts about the StraightJacket system.

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