Surveillance Footage Shows Would-be Robbers Stopped by ‘Armed’ Citizens (VIDEO)

A couple of would-be robbers got more than they were after when they attempted to rob a jewelry store in Canada a few weeks ago.

The two suspects entered the store wearing hoodies and carrying a crowbar and a knife. But the people in the store refused to be victims and grabbed whatever was available to fight off the thugs.

One guy grabbed a bat and proceeded to whack one of the suspects across the head, instantly dropping him to the floor. The would-be robber then tried to get up and gain his composure – probably to make his escape – but he couldn’t quite seem to get steady on his feet. And even if he could, he probably wouldn’t have be able to get past another customer who was “armed” with a bar stool at the door, ensuring that at least one of the criminals wouldn’t get away.

The second suspect ran out of the door the moment the “armed” citizens started to fight back.

Meanwhile, a group of firefighters were across the street helping with a cleanup when they saw the commotion and came to help subdue the suspect until police arrived.

[Global News]

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