Camo-Wearing Woman Guns Down Man at Gas Station, Records Body on Cell Phone (VIDEO)

A woman armed with a rifle shot and killed a man at a gas station in Houston, but not before he punched her in the face. The altercation between the two, with its curious details, is leaving police trying to piece the puzzle together to figure out what exactly took place.

58-year-old Louis Daniel was at the gas station carrying an umbrella in one hand and a knife in the other, and witnesses say that he wasn’t acting quite right. “He had an expression like he was just mad at the world,” said Jon Thomas who was in the parking lot and witnessed the shooting.

But Daniel’s brother doesn’t agree. “Well, my brother is harmless, he’s harmless and he wouldn’t have hurt her. He wouldn’t have hurt nobody. She just didn’t know him, you know. Because if she’d have known my brother, she’d have known that Poochie wouldn’t have hurt nobody,” Daryl Daniel said.

The woman told police that the man made sexual advances towards her. Thomas said, “She just had the gun pointed down to the ground and said get back. I guess he didn’t expect or like that.”

After she shot the man, apparently she recorded the man’s body on her cell phone, then drove off.

Police located her using the license plate number from the surveillance video. The case will go to a grand jury to determine what charges, if any, will be filed.


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