George Zimmerman saves family from burning car four days after acquittal

Just days after being acquitted of murder, the first public sighting of George Zimmerman since the end of the trial was when he helped to save a family of four from a burning vehicle that had overturned and caught fire after rolling over on a Florida highway last Wednesday. The accident happened about a mile from where the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin occurred last year.

Zimmerman told police that he didn’t witness the accident, but came upon it a short time after. By the time officers arrived at the scene, Zimmerman and another passerby had already helped to free the parents and their two children from the blazing vehicle.

Zimmerman left the scene once police arrived and talked with him and no injuries were reported.

Following the shooting of Trayvon Martin, which some speculate was racially motivated, Sanford Detective Chris Serino told FBI agents that he believed Zimmerman had “a little hero complex, but not … racist.”

A little hero complex, indeed.


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