Joerg Sprave's Straight-Up Lethal Toilet Brush Revolver (VIDEO)

“The weaponized toilet brush already proved to be a very effective post apocalyptic projectile. The heavy tip, made from a nine inch nail, is heavy and pointy. In an earlier video, The Slingshot Channel demonstrated that it can pierce a coconut that is inside of a massive ballistic gelatin block.

“In this video, a four shot repeating monster crossbow is used to shoot the toilet brushes with accuracy and speed. Four shots are fired in less than 15 seconds.

“The 130-gram (4.6-ounce) ‘arrows’ fly with almost 81 meters per second, or 266 feet per second — that is about 425 Joules or 313 foot-pounds of energy. In terms of energy, that is about the same as a .38 Special* round — in terms of momentum, it is more than four times stronger than the .38 Special.

“The toilet brush is so powerful that it flies straight through a water melon, ripping a large hole through the entire fruit. The 1000 fps hispeed camera delivers impressive footage of that hit.”

*Maybe German .38 Special is loaded that hot, most American stuff is going to make something around 225 to 275 foot-pounds of force; his straight-up lethal toilet brushes are more on par with your average .44 Special cartridge.

Did you notice it’s a straight-up lethal toilet brush revolver? Dude’s got a way around the housewares, that’s for true.

As always, for more head over to Joerg Sprave’s YouTube channel.

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