Burglar has terrible day after Alabama resident stands his ground (VIDEO)

An Alabama homeowner stands his ground against a would-be burglar.

Mobile Police were dispatched to a house in Theodore, Alabama, last Wednesday morning on report of a shooting. Police said the resident on Old Military Road shot at the burglary suspect, Jackie Ruffin, with a shotgun after he attempted to steal his television.

According to a neighbor, who asked to remain anonymous, this act of burglary was a sign of retaliation. The neighbor said Ruffin had stabbed the homeowner during an altercation several months prior, having also recently engaged in yet another fight at a high school reunion.

Ruffin, who had just been shot in the neck with a shotgun, fled the scene before officers arrived. Ruffin was later driven to the Mobile Infirmary by his friend and wanted suspect, Randall Jones. Officers arrested Ruffin, charging him with burglary and then subsequently arrested Jones, who was accused of shooting a victim in the head. No good deed shall go unpunished.

The fact that Ruffin sustained a shotgun wound to the neck and was still able to flee the scene leads to one of two reasonable conclusions: 1. The homeowner had buckshot or some other very lethal round loaded in the tube and was only able to score a partial hit on the suspect. (Bad aim.) 2. The homeowner used birdshot. (Bad round.)

Guns.com has discussed in length the inadequacies of using birdshot for home defense purposes.

That being said, which is scarier: the legal implications of using lethal force to defend your home or the lingering fear of a vendetta looming over your shoulder from using less than lethal?

[Fox 10 TV]

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