Crank Up The Volume With The Loudener Muzzle Break (VIDEO)


There once was an era where soldiers fought standing close together in lined battle formations, shooting at their enemy with volley after volley of ineffective fire. The smoothbore muskets were vastly inferior in both accuracy and rate of fire when compared with the long bow. So, you may find yourself asking, why did they use such shoddy weaponry? Because the boomsticks were very, very loud. Loud equates to scary, and scared enemies surrender. has taken this concept to a whole new level with the Loudener, which does exactly what it sounds like. Who wants the quiet “thwump” from a suppressor when you can literally scare your (range) enemies into submission with ear splitting decibels? The unique muzzle break increases the felt concussive blast to a point rivaling that of a .50 round, guaranteeing you the limelight the next time you head down to the local range. If you’re looking to be heard, the Loudener will happily lend a hand.

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