Florida governor meets with protestors, defends Stand Your Ground (VIDEO)

Last week everyone and their mother had something to say about Stand Your Ground laws, including the governor in the state where the controversy started — well, sort of. It was kinda forced out of him last Thursday.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott reiterated his pro-Stand Your Ground stance to a group of young, energetic and enthusiastic protestors whose aim is to have the Stand Your Ground law repealed. The group, who call themselves the “Dream Defenders,” staged a three-day sit in at the Florida statehouse, demanding that action be taken following the acquittal of George Zimmerman, who claimed self-defense in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

The governor, with his polite smile and kind eyes, listened to the protestors arguments against the law as they sat together in a semi-circle. The group demanded that Scott call a special legislative session to address the state’s “Stand Your Ground” law through what they’re calling the “Trayvon Martin Act,” reported MSNBC.

Scott responded by asking them to stay involved in the political process, know your leadership and even become leaders yourselves, but “I’m not going to call a special session. I don’t believe that Stand Your Ground should be changed, but right now I appreciate you.”

The governor also explained that following the Trayvon Martin incident that he did call for a review of the Stand Your Ground, and created a bipartisan panel to review the law, calling it the Citizen Safety and Protection task force. The panel concluded that the law actually only needed minor tweaks.

And the next day issued a “Statewide Day of Prayer for Unity in Florida; which wasn’t exactly what the group wanted, so they stayed involved.

What are your thoughts?

[Associated Press]

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