SC Governor shoots FN Firearms: The Facebook photo spread (PHOTOS)

There are many voters in Texas who hope for a pro-gun candidate after Rick Perry ends his tenure as the state’s Governor. If voters want an example of a candidate who is pro second amendment, South Carolina is doing it right and doing it in style. Enter, The Palmetto State’s Gov. Nikki Haley.

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Governor Haley at FN Manufacturing (Photo Credit:

During a resent tour of South Carolina’s FN Manufacturing, one of the gun manufactures that call South Carolina home, Haley was tagged in a number of photos during her visit to the facility and gaining experience with some serious hardware. Photos document the governor’s tour and test firing of the weapons that keep American servicemen and servicewomen safe overseas. Haley expressed a personal interest in the weapons because the M-4s, the M-240s, the M-249s, all of which [her husband] Michael uses while deployed with a National Guard unit in Afghanistan are made in South Carolina.

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Combined with the want to keep the domestic gun manufactures in South Carolina, which employ over 500 people directly, shows the governor’s dedication to the states economy. With the recent push for stricter gun legislation in other states, the market for where gun manufactures can make a living is becoming smaller and smaller. PTR, a gun manufacture in Connecticut announced in April it would be moving its base of operations to South Carolina.

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