Algerian Special Forces Train with Speed and Intensity (VIDEO)

The Algerian Special Forces — commonly referred to as ninjas — take their training very seriously. Earlier this year they put their training to use rescuing nearly 800 hostages from a militant group in Algeria.

In this video we get a glimpse into some of their training methodologies. In the first segment the soldiers are physically broken down. They must wade through a muddy trench while defending against a barrage of attacks, hurdle over flaming obstacles, crawl through swamped drainage pipes and more.

Next comes skills. We see aggressive sparring, some very nice takedowns, painful looking joint manipulation and handcuffing techniques.


You never know where a firefight will break out — sometimes it’s on a balancing beam.

The soldiers move on to weapons manipulation, covering a variety of techniques and transitions. The building searches look pretty intense. There are some vehicle takedowns and even an airplane takedown.

There aren’t a ton of close-ups in the video, but it appears these guys have excellent muzzle awareness, indexing and a general respect for safety in fast paced training scenarios.

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[BBC News]

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