Home Invaders with Fake Guns Get Shot with One Very Real Gun (VIDEO)

A couple of young men attempted to break into a home in Land O’ Lakes, Florida, Friday night. The two wore hoodies and masks and carried guns – only the guns were fake and someone inside the home had one that wasn’t.

“This was a foiled home invasion robbery attempt. Two men wearing masks entered the cottage with a fake gun. A visitor in the home heard the commotion and fired on the suspects, hitting both of them multiple times in the chest. The suspects ran from the residence and collapsed on the sidewalk,” Pasco County Sheriff’s Office PIO Kevin Doll told reporters.

One neighbor heard the gunfire from inside her home. “It sounded like an artillery shell exploded, then it sounded like someone set off black cats,” she said.

After being shot multiple times, the two suspects laid on the sidewalk crying for help. Danielle Rubio, who happened to be driving by, stopped when she heard their screams.

“I know one of the bullet holes was clean through, and I kept pressure on the wound to try and stop the bleeding,” she told reporters.

Another woman, Jennifer Price, who had also stopped to help, noticed the fake gun beside one of them.

“I saw a gun, and I said ‘somebody move that gun’ because it was by his hand and I was afraid he could pick it up again and shoot somebody,” she said.

Both of the suspects were taken to a local hospital where they are listed in serious condition.

Nobody inside the home was injured.


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