Savage B-MAG .17 WSMR Review (VIDEO)

“Winchester has introduced their 17 Winchester Super Magnum (WSM) cartridge. It is based upon the 27 caliber industrial fastener blank, and sends its twenty grain bullet out the muzzle of this Savage B-MAG rifle at around 3000 fps. This performance is closing in on the 17 Hornet, yet the WSM is a rimfire cartridge, offering high velocity at a much lower cartridge cost, compared to the centerfire Hornet cartridge.

“Savage has introduced a new rifle purpose-built to fire the 17 WSM cartridge, and they got it right. Too often, a varmint rifle is too cumbersome and too heavy. Savage really held back on the weight of this rifle, while still giving it a substantial barrel. The B-MAG rifle shown here weighed in at a fraction of an ounce under four and one-half pounds, yet has a barrel that measures twenty-two inches in length. The barrel tapers from 0.85 inch at the receiver to 0.514 at the muzzle.

“The B-MAG has Savage’s wonderful AccuTrigger, which is adjustable without tools, once accessed. The trigger on the test rifle adjusted down to a crisp one pound, fifteen ounces. Perfect.”

Head over here for more info about the Savage B-Mag.

We shot the B-MAG extensively at SHOT Show and found it to be more than adequately fun. Still, there’s another niche bottleneck cartridge out there that may even be more interesting, the .22 TCM.

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