Armed homeowner chases down, shoots at man stealing his AC unit (VIDEO)

A man looking to steal an air conditioning unit, and even rode in a bicycle rigged up to carry it off, was stopped by an armed homeowner who caught him walking through his yard with the unit.

The homeowner, who did not want to be identified, shot once at the suspect, but missed. The suspect took off running and the homeowner jumped in his truck to chase him down. Several area residents witnessed what was happening and ran to aid in catching the criminal, who was found a few houses over hiding in the backyard.

“The homeowner was legally armed,” Sgt. S.F. Red of the Houston Police Department said. “The homeowner followed the suspect and the suspect fled on foot. He called the police. Officers came in and surrounded the area. Officers found him using canine, and he was taken into custody.”

The homeowner was praised for helping to catch the suspect. As for the suspect, reporters caught up with him and he explained that he needed the air conditioner and apparently thought it was okay to take it from someone else’s home because “it wasn’t working anyway.”


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