Man Dodges a Bullet: Survives 007-style assassination attempt (VIDEO)

A Czech businessman in Bedford, South Africa survived a very elaborately planned attempt on his life. James Bond would have been proud.

Now, imagine this…

{Screen fades in from black}

You roll to a stop in your usual parking spot in front of your shop – a gold and diamond exchange in South Africa. You slam the door shut on your high-end, matte-black Mercedes with blacked-out, bulletproof windows and strut towards your office, chatting important business-speak into your phone.

Suddenly, from behind the license plate of a parked car, a barrage of gun fire erupts. Rounds slam into your Benz as you dive for cover. As quickly as it began, it was over. Except, wait. It’s not over! A nearby car explodes. Flames rise from the burning vehicle as black plumes of smoke billow into the air.

{End scene}


jb gun

As outlandish as that sounds, it actually happened to Czech businessman, Radovan Krejcir, on July 24. A hitman with a flair for theatrics placed a dozen homemade shotgun barrels behind the license plate of a red Volkswagen Polo, concealing them from view. Just in case that wasn’t enough, he added some hidden explosives to liven things up even more.

bg gun

The hitman parked the booby-trapped Volkswagen at the gold and diamond exchange, aiming the barrels towards Krejcir’s normal parking space. When Krejcir arrived, the hitman remotely fired, detonating the explosives moments later.

More bizarre still, Krejcir reportedly entered South Africa in 2007 with a false passport and a sloppy disguise. As it turns out, it takes a little more than that to fool Interpol. Krejcir also mingles with denizens of the criminal underworld – associating with the likes of strip-club owner, Lolly Jackson – who was shot dead in 2010.

krej car

Krejcir escaped the failed attempt on his life without sustaining any injuries, telling a local radio station just hours afterward that he was a “lucky man”.

Unfazed by this spy thriller act of espionage, Krejcir says with a 007 suave, “All my life is like James Bond stuff. So it’s usual stuff for me … It’s how I live my life.”

Perhaps either Krejcir or the hitman will consider incorporating the Blaster into their next vehicle.

[Independent News]

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