New evidence emerges in murder trial against Aaron Hernandez (PHOTO)


Aaron Hernandez peaking behind a corner and from the looks of it, holding a gun the wrong way. (Photo credit: CBS Boston)

If Aaron Hernandez wasn’t already in an uphill battle fighting his murder trial, then things are about to get much more complicated for the Former New England Patriots tight end. A photo released by police was taken by the Hernandez’s own home surveillance cameras show him holding a pistol just a few minutes after the murder of semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd.

Aaron Hernandez or TMZ

Oddly enough, Aaron Hernandez has “TMZ” printed on his mirror. (Photo credit: TMZ)

After a few minutes the feed to the home surveillance cameras were turned off, but authorities said that they have multiple images taken hours before the shooting as well as after the shooting showing Hernandez holding the gun, which appears to be a Glock 45 pistol. Authorities believe that Lloyd was killed by a 45-caliber pistol, but neither of the weapons used in the murder or the one from the surveillance cameras has been recovered.

Investigators believe that after Hernandez was charged with murder in June he destroyed the gun and as much of the surveillance equipment as he could.

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