Cop Selfies: The new tumblr phenomenon (PHOTOS)

Everyone has a different opinion on the “selfie.” Some view the pictures as a form of photographic expression. Some view the pictures as a an example that someone probably has to much time on their hands or really wants people to comment on their new haircut. Whatever your reason or belief behind the need to take, view, or have these pictures, it is a little surprising to see peace officers participating in the practice.

A new tumblr page known as copselfies is exactly what it sounds like. A collection of police officers taking “selfie” pictures that are complied into one page. Some examples below.

Serious Officer is Serious

Serious Officer is Serious

Bored On The Job?

Bored on the job?

Something Tells Me This Didn't End Well

Something tells me this didn’t end well.

This .gif is seizure material.

Samoa's Are Better

Samoa’s are better.

Why Have I Never Seen The Police Look Like This?

Why have I never seen police that look like this?

Irony. But Cute Pig.

Irony. But cute pig.

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