Prisoner jumps through window to escape jail (VIDEO)

He just wanted his phone call. Or so it seemed. Derrick Estell escaped from a county jail in Hot Springs, Arkansas, by making his way through the window of the jail’s front desk. The entire event, which took less then a few seconds, shows Estell making a phone call. In a sudden flash of opportunity, Estell makes his way out the window, takes a hard hit on the floor, and is out the front door before a police officer can make it out the window behind him.

Derrick Estell

Derrick Estell

It is suspected that Estell was assisted by two accomplices and was picked up by a get away driver. The get away car was found abandoned nearby and all suspects are still at large.

And Away He Goes

And away he goes.

Police Officer Making A Hard Landing While Trying To Pursue, Estell

Police officer making a hard landing while trying to pursue Estell.

Police say that Estell is considered to be armed and dangerous and should be met with caution because of his past history of violent crime.

Estell Making A Run For It

Estell making a run for it.

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