George Zimmerman Pulled Over By Police With Gun In The Car(VIDEO)

George Zimmerman can’t get out of the spotlight. Chances are every move he makes will be held to scrutiny for the rest of his life. Zimmerman, who was acquitted of second degree murder less than a month ago, was pulled over for speeding with a gun in his glove compartment.  The incident took place in the town of Forney, Texas, TMZ reports.

During the encounter it can be interpreted that Zimmerman becomes very nervous by the exchange in which the officer tells him to “calm down” and to not “play with his gun.” While returning to his car to check if Zimmerman has any warrants, the officer takes a picture and can be heard texting on his iPhone.

Zimmerman is legally within his rights to be carrying a firearm and after the numerous death threats he has been receiving, it could be argued he might need a gun more than most people right now.

This is the second time Zimmerman has been in the news since his trial ended on July 13. Zimmerman also caught media attention a few days ago by reportedly helping a family who was stuck under their SUV.

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