Kel-Tec KSG Review (VIDEO)

“I really wanted to like the Kel-Tec KSG 12-gauge shotgun. I’ve been waiting well over a year to get my hands on a KSG and finally on my birthday one came into my local gun shop. I thought I was lucky in being able to grab it. My luck ran out when I got it to the range for the first time. I am extremely disappointed in the performance of the handy little 12-gauge bullpup.

“Unfortunately, it’s not surprising. I’ve never had good luck with Kel-Tec products or even their customer support. Email and phone calls go unanswered. It’s a shame, they have some great ideas, I only wish they could follow-through on them.”

This is eerily similar to our own experiences with the KSG, at least the first time around. Later on, we got our hands on a good one. It seems like these shotguns are hit-or-miss, with some working just fine and others being complete junk.

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