Bushnell, Primary Arms Debut Affordable Tactical AR Scopes (VIDEO)

bushnell primary arms ar scopes

“Black rifles,” tactical carbines that are largely comprised of AR-15-type rifles, are the most popular type of gun since the .30-30. They have an enormous aftermarket and easily customized.

Bushnell and Primary Arms are launching a new optics for exactly that market. The new AR Optics product line from Bushnell includes six new riflescopes that range in configuration from two new 1-4x scopes for close target acquisition to a 4.5-18x scope designed for extended range shooting, and Primary Arms is about to unveil a 1-6x scope for close- to medium-range shooting.

All these optics are fully multi-coated to insure the best light transmission possible, and built with solid one-piece tubes. And they’re all waterproof, fog-proof and impact-resistant; they’re intended for more than just bench-rest shooting.

What makes them all stand out so tremendously are their price tags. With the exception of Bushnell’s rimfire scope, they all have MSRPs between $200 and $300, setting a new standard for entry-level optics pricing. The rimfire scope, 2-7x, has a suggested retail price of $150.

Both companies have a strong track record of supplying shooters with service-grade and hard-use optics at affordable prices, but these are just outstanding.


Bushnell’s new AR riflescopes will be available in the following configurations:

  • 1-4x with DropZone-223 reticle, $199.99
  • 1-4x with illuminated BTR-1 reticle, $299.99
  • 3-9x with parallax adjustable DropZone-223 reticle, $179.99
  • 3-12x with parallax adjustable DropZone-223 reticle, $199.99
  • 4.5-18x with parallax adjustable DropZone-223 reticle, $299.99
  • 2-7x Rimfire with DropZone-2, $149.99

Primary Arms’ offering is the least expensive 1-6x scope we’ve come across priced at just $249. While we expect Bushnell’s scopes to retail for a bit less than their MSRPs, Primary Arms sells their optics directly and we don’t forsee any discounts; just the same, with other prominent 1-6x scopes sporting price tags around $2,000, their new scope offers a value like nothing else.

It also uses a simple and fast illuminated reticle called the Advanced Combined Sighting System, or ACSS. Check it out:

Any one of these scopes is likely to float your rifle, and possibly more than one. And while Bushnell is adding a whole line of interesting scopes to the market, the Primary Arms 1-6x scope is taking things to a new level.

Whether you’re a hunter, target shooter or 3-gun gamer, if you’re on a budget, these are scopes to seek out.

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