Home invasion gone wrong, Georgia woman shoots intruder, saves herself and children. (VIDEO)

In Loganville, Georgia, an intruder armed with a crowbar knocked on the door of Melinda Herman’s residence – when nobody answered, he let himself in thinking nobody was home. He was wrong.

Melinda Herman’s husband, Donnie Herman, stayed on the phone with her throughout the duration of the incident, calmly giving his wife instructions. With her phone clutched in one hand and a .38 revolver in the other, Melinda took her children and hid in a crawl space. When the intruder eventually found her, she shot at him with all six rounds, hitting him with 5.

“Shoot him again … shoot him!” Donnie shouted into the phone.

As the intruder lay there, bleeding on the floor, Melinda escaped with her children.

“My wife is a hero, she protected her kids. … She did was she was supposed to do as a responsible, prepared gun owner,” Donnie said.



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