Missouri Mother Leaves Loaded Gun In Crib(VIDEO)

A Missouri women is behind bars and is facing up to a year in jail for multiple counts of child endangerment and one count of child abuse.

Cheryl Darlene Dudley, 37, of St. Peters, was arrested when authorities were alerted that there was a small child tied to Dudley’s garage with a piece of rope.

When authorities arrived what they found was shocking. The children were covered in flea bites, areas of the house covered in feces, and prescription pills littering the floor in reach of her children playing nearby. Darlene is reported to have even left a loaded rifle in the crib of her 22 month old baby.

The house also contained high amounts of mold and had the strong odor of spoiled food.

The five dogs have since been taken away by animal control, the children are under the protection of social services, and the mother has been placed 35,000 dollar cash bond.

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