Put More Block on Your Glock: Introducing the TacticSkin





The TacticSkin Slide Cover is an Unprecedented Revolutionary Upgrade for Your Glock Handgun.

Providing You with the Ability to Customize your Glock slide Visibility while Allowing Enhanced Tactical Performance and Versatility.


  • Provides Improved Back Cocking Serrations for Improved Tactical Grip
  • Made of High-Grade Non-Slip Polymer Composite
  • Ideal for Use in Humid Climate & Sweaty Palms Conditions
  • Adds Front Cocking Serrations to Your Handgun for Various Cocking Methods
  • Allows Proper Heat Dissipation
  • Available in Five Colors – Can Be Used for Personnel Identification
  • Manually Installed – No Gunsmith Required


  • GLOCK; 17 / 19
  • Fits Use With GLOCK 21 Polymer Holsters
  • NOTICE: Cannot Be Used With “C” Models

Does your Glock need more Block? If so, you definitely need to check out the upcoming TacticSkin Slide Cover from FAB Defense. It’s a polymer slide cover for Glock pistols.

I can see the advantages, chiefly, it protects the pistol from abuse (even if it’s a Glock) and it protects the user from getting burned by the slide after intense use. The color scheme could come in handy for a lot of reasons, too.

But it also has one major drawback, and that’s holster compatibility. Sure, FAB makes a holster for Glocks with Blocks but there are many ways to carry a handgun and one holster isn’t going to work with all of them.

Still, if you’re into the whole Hi-Point aesthetic but want something that’s more reliable, here you go. Glock, meet Block.

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