ATI GSG 922 Now California-Compliant

GSG 922 ca compliant

German Sport Guns has developed the California-legal GSG 922 CA pistol for the west coast market. Externally identical to the standard GSG 922 save for a small California stamp on the slide, GSG modified their design by swapping out the threaded barrel for a standard one.

“We are very excited to have the GSG 922 CA,” said ATI’s Joe Calabro. “The GSG 922 has been so popular across the country and the demand for this pistol in California is very high. All the regulations are now met, and the GSG 922 CA is approved for sale.”

The GSG 922 is a compact, lightweight tactical plinker modeled on the 1911. The gun has a compact alloy slide and frame and a slight 3.4-inch barrel. It weighs in at a hair under 32 ounces and a single action trigger pull that weighs in at 4.4 to 5.5 pounds. They’re designed to be fun to shoot and they succeed well at that. Chambered for .22 Long Rifle, these pistols have a standard capacity of 10+1, perfect for California.

GSG_922_StandardWhile not immediately visible, the GSG 1911 has recessed threads concealed under the slide of the frame. This can be used to mount faux silencers (which GSG sells separately or packaged with certain models of GSG 922) as well as real silencers with an adapter.

However, threaded barrels on pistols makes them “assault weapons” in California, so a redesign was necessary. Given the simple fix, this was only a matter of time. GSG already makes a different 1911-style .22 for California, the GSG M1911.

The GSG 922 CA has a tapered beaver tail and a flat grip safety, comes with black polymer grips, a skeletonized hammer and trigger with an overtravel stop and a Picatinny rail dust cover.

It’s also priced in-line with GSG’s other guns, with an MSRP of $390.


If you’re not interested in a compact, black, railed plinker, and want something a little more traditional, be sure to look into the GSG M1911. It’s made to be dimensionally identical to a full-size 1911 and keeps things old school for the most part, with a smooth dust cover, wood grips and vertical slide serrations.

It does have some nice upgrades, including adjustable dovetailed sights, a skeletonized hammer and trigger like the GSG 922 and an ambidextrous safety.

For more about GSG’s pistols, head over to the ATI website. You might just find your next range toy.

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