Bette Midler's Gun Control Twitter Post

Bette Midler has been an open about her politics for quite some time. The 67 year old didn’t miss a chance to start some controversy on her twitter page by making a post about gun control. Her tweet involves Midler’s frustration at the perceived ease of getting a firearm compared to Americans being able to obtain health insurance.

To a degree, Midler makes a good point. It is too difficult for some people to obtain health insurance. Reasons such as cost and in the past the denial of coverage based on preexisting conditions made it difficult for many to obtain coverage. But while we are on the subject I feel like it is important to point out many other items that take the lives of Americans, some in higher rates than guns. Some of  these items are also much easier to obtain financially and have little to no paperwork needed for their purchases.





Using Midler’s logic should we ban all of these items? There is no doubt that gun violence in America is out of control. But will putting controls on the 300 million guns in America really bring down the violence? Some would argue that is unlikely. The gun is a tool. Just like a knife or a car. In the hands of a sane and law biding citizen they are effective pieces to the puzzle that is our society. Placed in unfit hands, they can be a hazard. When so many guns that are used to commit crimes are obtained illegally by criminals who give little cares for the laws of society, who does gun control really hurt? Who does it really benefit?

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