Man shoots monstrous .950 JDJ rifle, says it's "like getting kicked by a mule" (VIDEO)

Ohio based SSK Industries claims to have produced the largest centerfire rifle in existence โ€“ the JDJ. This .950 caliber prototype is one of three in existence and weighs in at an unwieldy 50 lbs. Heavy as that may sound, the company quickly realized the weapon required even more heft and the two subsequent rifles tip the scales at an incredible 100 lbs.

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Each custom made round costs about $40, so firing it more than a few times is definitely going to lighten your wallet. The 2400 grain bullet is propelled by 240 grains of powder which equates precisely to one mule kick.

All that being said, Iโ€™d gladly sustain a possible shoulder injury and pay to shoot a few rounds through this monster.



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