New Rails, Mounts and Comps from Fortis Manufacturing (VIDEO)

Fortis REV Cutout Midlength

Fortis Manufacturing has added several new products to their catalog in the past few weeks that are really turning heads. These lightweight, minimalist AR-15 accessories bring a lot to the table, both in terms of form and function.

They’ve added two new free-floating handguards to their REV series. These have two full-length rails on the six- and 12-o’clock positions and two smaller rails up front for accessories. If that’s not enough rail for you they’re Keymod handguards and additional rail sections can be added with ease

Fortis REV Cutout CarbineWhat separates these rails from their previous REV rails are the front sight block cutouts. They allow for front sights of all types, including integral folding front sights, railed front sight blocks and gas piston systems. Front sights mounted directly to the barrel offer a slight edge in accuracy over handguard-mounted sights.

Fortis is now offering two versions of the REV cutout handguards, one for carbine-length gas systems and one for midlength gas systems. They make rifle-length handguards and we expect a cutout version will come about shortly. The carbine-length handguards are flush with the front of the front sight and the midlength handguards extend a bit further out allowing for an extended gripping surface.

Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, the handguards weigh just under 8 ounces and just over 9 for the carbine-length and midlength handguards, respectively.

The handguards have small anti-rotation tabs that extend over the upper receiver to improve its stability. They are compatible with most forged uppers and mount on standard AR-15 barrel nuts.

Fortis with Aimpoint

Fortis is also showing off their skeletonized F1 optics mount. Designed for Aimpoint Micro red dot sights and other compatible optics, it’s an extremely thin and light forward-canted mount that matches the angles of their REV rails. Together they make a very attractive package.

Fortis with Vortex

The F1 mount is also constructed out of 6061-T6 aluminum and weighs an insignificant 1.1 ounces, and raises the optic to lower-third co-witness with iron sights.

Fortis’ accessories are priced right. The carbine-length handguard runs $200 and the midlength handguard $225. The F1 mount is also affordable at $80.

If you’re looking for a lightweight tactical combo for your AR-15, you definitely want to look into Fortis’ offerings.

And keep an eye out on their Facebook page (or the Defense Marketing Groups’ page) for their upcoming compensating brake, the RED, or Rapid Engagement Device.

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