Security through Obscurity (7 PHOTOS)

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discreet rifle - mJugNZO

discreet rifle - cs4xJjx

discreet rifle - dAx4Dhr

discreet rifle - 0d4WBQm

discreet rifle - MBoTdg0

discreet rifle - w50fKkn

“Incredibly Easy Do It Yourself Hidden Rifle Storage.”

Supplies needed:

  1. 1. Picture (minimum 2.5′-inches deep) Check Canvas Pop with great online chat support. This picture seen is 54- by 32- by 2.5-inches. Any high resolution picture can be used, including family portrait. Note: Measure appropriately, with 2.5 inches only a weapon on the thinner side will fit. 
  2. Back board needs to be .25-inch thick. (Note: Frame is one inch thick so interior dimensions will be two inches shorter with two inches less width. Highly recommend not cutting it so close, ideally 2.5-inches leaving .25-inch margin on each side.
  3. Brackets. Only 2 will be needed. Used these (terrible customer support & shipping time, use local if possible)
  4. In order for the picture to mount flush against the wall, brackets must be sunk into the frame. Use 1-3/8-inch socket bit to drill a .75-inch deep hold seen in picture.
  5. Cabinet magnets. Simple addition allows it snap shut firmly.
  6. Brackets to hold rifle, use your own discretion.
  7. Optional hold open lever

Project by Arms Advocate. Great idea, and easy to do at home. I think my front hall needs some artwork …

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