Unknown Marine warrior captures impending JDAM strike on nearby Taliban (VIDEO)

“Happy 4th of July!” Comes the salutation from a camera wielding Echo Company Marine during the heat of battle.

Taliban machinegun fire rattles off in the near distance. Explosions detonate, hushing the noise.

“Fu*k ya. That’s our Fu*kin’ mortars fu*kin’ them up right now.”

In this 3 minute video, an unknown warrior narrates an impending JDAM strike on close by Taliban. Moments before the ordnance drops you can hear him say, “Ohhhhhhhh Taliban. You silly guys. ‘Bout to have a fu*kin’ bomb dropped on your fu*kin’ head.”

Seconds later, a cacophonous blast rings out and a plume of black smoke billows into the air. Commence celebration.

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