Arsenal Brings Back the SAM7SF Premium Bulgarian Side-Folder


Eight years ago, Arsenal introduced the SAM7SF rifle, a premium side-folding AK built on a forged and milled receiver, and it was extremely well-received. It was also, sadly, discontinued. That is, until now.

The SAM7SF is a semi-automatic rifle manufactured by Arsenal, Inc. in Las Vegas, Nev. in cooperation with Arsenal Company of Bulgaria. It is designed to be at the peak of quality, precision, reliability and durability when it comes to hard-use service rifles.

And for a short while, Arsenal is selling them at a cut rate. The first 500 SAM7SF rifles have a reduced price, $250 off, for a retail price of $1,350. At that price it’s on par with upmarket AKs that don’t have forged and milled receivers or right side-folding buttstocks.

The SAM7SF’s receiver does set it apart from other AKs. It starts out as an oversized forged receiver that is later machined and milled into its final finished form. This gives it the strengths of both manufacturing processes, the structural properties of a forged receiver combined with the precision of a milled receiver. It’s a best of both worlds-solution that brings with it a commensurate price premium.

“The forging process strengthens the material and shapes uniform grain patterns in the steel,” explains Arsenal. “These forging patterns are engineered and produced to follow certain directions along the contour of the receiver to withstand high stress from the force and the movement of the working components. The forging process also eliminates any possibility of internal air pockets and cooling deformations that can impact and weaken the integrity of the receiver.

“While firing, the forged and milled receiver does not have the same deformation issues that are typical to stamped receiver models. The stamped receiver usually flexes and warps during these operations, and can be observed with a high speed, slow motion camera. The solid platform of the forged and milled receiver ensures superior accuracy.”

The receiver is paired with a Bulgarian-made hammer forged, chrome-lined barrel. These are made on Steyr equipment and are some of the best all-around AK barrels in the world.

It also comes with a right-side folding stock, which allows the SAM7SF to be fit with a side-mounted optic or accessory rail and still fold completely. It’s a military stock that allows the user to access the safety and trigger while folded.

The other furniture includes an AK-100-type heatshield handguard and a new-style Arsenal-designed pistol grip. Arsenal designed the grip to better conform to today’s ergonomic standards while matching the Old World AK look and feel. It fills the hand nicely and matches the rest of the AK just fine.




The rifle also has excellent 922r compliance. “For purpose of the 922r requirement, the complete list of Arsenal, Inc.’s US made components includes the pistol grip, the upper and lower handguards, the muzzle brake, the hammer, the disconnector, the magazine body, the magazine follower, and the magazine fl oor plate. Even though the SAM7SF rifle comes with a US made magazine, it has enough US made parts for the shooter to use foreign made magazines.”

Here are the specifications:

  • SKU SAM7SF-84
  • Caliber: 7.62x39mm
  • Total Length: 38.2 inches
  • Folded Length: 28.4 inches
  • barrel Length: 16.25 inches
  • Twist Rate: 1 in 9.45 inches
  • Unloaded Weight: 8.5 poundsMuzzle velocity: 710 m/s
  • effective range: 440 yards

This is one of the most interesting high-end AKs we’ve seen in a long time, and for now, it’s got a great price. For more details, head over to the Arsenal product page, and for a review, head over to the Bazaar.

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