Teen rapper freestyles about being surrounded by SWAT team, while literally surrounded by SWAT team (VIDEO)

A 19-year-old aspiring rapper recorded a video of himself free-styling about being surrounded by a SWAT team, while literally being surrounded by SWAT team on Monday in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Police arrested Josh Jackson, aka Adequate Advocate, late Monday night and said he faces felony menacing charges. In his rap, titled “Police are Trying to Murder Me as I Write This,” Jackson discussed his family and his roommates, who reported to police that Jackson threatened them with a knife.


Most consider Adequate Advocate, aka Josh Jackson, to be an okay rapper.

“Police think I’m a fiend. That’s why right now literally they’re outside my house. Because my roommates done did it. Done thought I was a misfit. Done thought that I had my wrist slit too many times. Done thought that too many people had left my mind.”

Earlier in the day, Jackson posted a series of messages on Facebook about the Fifth Amendment, discussing search warrants and criminal prosecutions.

“Bring the motherfuckin’ SWAT team, special weapons and tactics, operation,” Jackson rapped.

In a surge of bravado, Jackson defiantly stood up and shut off the lights, only to have a flash-bang illuminate the darkness moments later.

“Oh shit! You heard the blast!” Jackson called out.

The video shut off abruptly just seconds later.

“He’s got a history of resisting the police in the past,” Police Captain Jerry Schiager said of Jackson.

More than 15 marked police cars responded to the neighborhood, along with the SWAT team’s Bearcat armored vehicle. Police ordered Jackson out of the house multiple times before using the flash-bang.

Jackson has a court date set for Aug. 13.


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