Only the Best: The Asymmetric Warrior .223 Wylde Precision Tactical Rifle

Asymmetric Warrior .223 Wylde Precision Tactical Rifle

Ashbury Precision Ordnance is rolling out an addition the their Asymmetric Warrior Precision Tactical Rifle with a new magazine-fed bolt-action job built to be just as rugged as it is accurate. Chambered for .223 Wylde, this sub-MOA rifle’s hybrid chamber can accept both .223 Remington and 5.56 NATO cartridges interchangeably.

But for those interested, prepare yourself, as the ASW223 is no entry-level rifle. It is a completely hand-constructed precision rifle, built on a Saber-Forsst modular chassis, like other Asymmetric Warrior rifles, and it fetches a premium price. Exceptionally premium at $7,700 for domestic buyers.

According to the press release, the ASW223 is designed to produce optimum accuracy with heavy, longer loaded match bullets up 80 grains for precision shooting out to 600 yards with an optional sound suppressor.  Using proprietary barrel engineering software, APO designed a fluted Pinnacle Series barrel in 416R stainless steel for this potent mid-range precision rifle.  The 1-in-8-inch twist barrel is chambered and finished with a target crown and muzzle brake suppressor adapter to a straightness of less than 0.0002-inches or better!

The signature precision fire control mechanism featured on all Asymmetric Warrior rifles is the patented Huber Concepts Staged Break tactical two-stage trigger, set to a crisp 3.5 pounds.  The core of this Ashbury tactical rifle platform is a precision machined Surgeon or APO SX bolt action receiver with a 10 round detachable box magazine.  Asymmetric Warrior rifles are hand crafted by a team of specially trained former USMC 2112 Precision Rifle Technicians, engineers and experienced machinists to exacting standards and precision tolerances that deliver consistent sub ½ MOA performance with RUAG’s 69 grain Swiss P Target and other premium grade match ammunitions.

The ASW223 has a 20 MOA rail for high-magnification optics and an extended top rail for additional scopes, like an offset red dot sight or a forward-mounted laser scope or night vision adapter. For now, Ashbury is offering the rifle in a standard right-handed config, with plans to introduce a lefty-friendly model in 2014.

The rifle has a “Quattro” quad rail-adaptable carbon-fiber forend with “co-bore-aligned” 3- and 6-o’clock accessory rail attachment points that accept four- and 12-inch rail sections and an integrated heat shield to prevent visual distortions and keep things comfortable. 

The ASW223 modular chassis further incorporates a folding Push Button Adjustable Hybrid (PBA-H) shoulder stock with ergonomic adjustments for cheek piece height, length of pull, and Limbsaver recoil pad drop.  A wide range of interchangeable SABER accessories includes a folding field Monopod, Picatinny accessory rails, Anypoint Bipod/Tripod Mount, Long Range Accuracy bipods, Field Firing Solutions ballistic software, TACT3 Tactical Tripod Systems and more are available.

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The basic ASW223 rifle weighs in at a lightweight 11.5 pounds with an overall length of 41 inches extended, and a compact folded length of 31 inches.  There are flush cup sling swivel attachment points along the entire length of the rifle, which can be ordered in corrosion and chemical resistant Cerakote black, olive drab green, flat dark earth and Nordic gray.

The Asymmetric Warrior is just the basic configuration as well. Head over to the product page to see the rifle with all the options, including optics, bipods and suppressors.

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