Pellet Rifle Dieseling–Good, Bad or Ugly? (VIDEO)

“We demonstrate what dieseling is, and the risks to your pellet rifle by doing it. Most people use a light oil or some other flammable liquid to do it but we use mentholatum ointment (aka VICKS), which has a base of petroleum jelly (Vaseline). It’s actually quite flammable! Does dieseling really make your air rifle shoot faster?

“Rather than use a chrono, I thought it would be more interesting to actually sync up the shots so one can see for themselves. Otherwise, people would be disputing my findings by saying my chronograph was broken, etc. Remember, high speed cameras don’t lie! Chronographs sometimes do show faulty readings.”

Interesting stuff for sure. Although I suspect if you up the amount of propellant and use actual diesel you might get some serious results. Also, little explosions inches away from your face.

For more high-speed videography hit up the Taofledermaus YouTube channel. This was put together with the help of Ted from the HoldOver channel.

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